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male, 73 year old

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Name: sheakh 
About Me:
Designation: Networker
Achievement: new lounch wellcom to bulltrade.co.in for investors & leaders.. real proffit junrate system best long time roi plan 1% to 1.8% daily auto bank transfers.erly morning. matching income: 10% referral income : 5% uniq boster income life time no condition: you get 5% sponsorship roi from every direct introducer. referral roi : 5% of roi packages: rs.5000/- to rs.10,00,000/- best time to invest this company. company business our proffit janret system horse rase forex trading real state book your top position your sate and your city send me : name : mo

Current Company Details

MLM Experience: 7 Year 4 Month.
Company Name: bulltrade
Company Website: http://www.bulltrade.co.in
Plan Type: binary
Group Size: 1000

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